Lilliam Melgar


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LILLIAM MELGAR WAS born in Central America, and like many others she came to the US for a better life. Today she has the distinction of being the premier leader and highest-ever income earner in the direct selling company she joined. 
          Ask her what is responsible for her success, and she sums it up in one word: Passion.

“Everything begins with passion,” she said. “We have to share our passion with everyone.”

Lilliam set a goal for herself early on that seemed almost too big to achieve: to reach her company’s highest leadership level, and to mentor and help 12 more women to join her at that level. She had a passion to help other moms and immigrants like herself find the success they deserved.

Lilliam’s passion is infectious—it spreads through her whole team. She has a natural talent for inspiring women to see possibilities they never saw before, and to focus their passion on living their dreams.

Today, thanks to Lilliam’s passionate pursuit of her dream, her goal of 12 highest level leaders is in sight. But beyond that, she’s built a team that is over 10,000 strong.

“Helping people improve their lives enriches my life,” she said. “Their passion grows from mine. What use is passion if it isn’t shared? No use at all!”

  • What are you doing to focus your passion on a goal?

  • Who can you share your passion with?


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