Katie Wilson


Agile Profile

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Are you willing to go out on a limb?


As a young single mom, Katie Wilson appreciated the income and flexibility that a career with a party-plan company afforded her. But she also recognized that agility would play a key role in making her business successful.

“Times have changed, and people have different ways to socialize,” she said. “My business has to change too.”

Katie makes extensive use of social media, and even produces videos herself that she can post to draw attention to her business. She keeps them fun, keeps them light, and keeps them short.

“Most people don’t have 15 minutes to spare,” she said, “but they have one or two minutes to watch a video.”

Katie’s changed up her parties, too. She encourages people to bring kids, so that child care won’t be a barrier. And in a business that has traditionally been the domain of women alone, she’s encouraging parties that couples can come to and shop together.

“We post videos right from the party,” she said. “People love to feel like a movie star.”

Experimenting with new techniques and taking advantage of new technologies and new opportunities—that’s the kind of agility that’s made Katie Wilson a star in her own business.

  • How are you finding new ways to do business?

  • How can agility help you find new opportunities?


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