8 Fearless Values

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Visionary business leader Connie Tang shares eight key values that enable you to navigate through your life with grace and without fear.

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"Wonderful guide for anyone who is or wants to be a true leader!"

"Not only is the book easy to read without complicated jargon but the principles were easy to follow and relate to everyday living."

"Rarely do find books that are both practical and inspiring!"


Ever wonder what’s keeping you from achieving all you want in life?  


Rave Reviews



“Fearless Living is the women's guide to success. Filled with stories of struggle, triumph, and tenacity!” 

Dr. Traci Lynn I CEO & Founder TraciLynnJewelry.com


“A great read for anyone who aspires to be better in all aspects of their lives. ”

Kelly Durnin, Owner, Brand Strong Creative

“Fearless Living is fabulous! It will inspire you, challenge you and provide you insight for your success journey.”

Angela Loehr Chrysler, President & CEO, Team National



Life Changing Values for
Breakthrough Success


Push past the fear that makes you settle for “just enough.”


Overcome your fear by taking ownership of your responsibilities.


Keep your passion alive to keep from getting discouraged.


Understanding more will help you overcome your fear.

Drive for Results

Rechannel the fear of failure to fuel your passion and determination to reach results.


Don’t let fear make you miss out on generating a level of unity, strength and creativity.


Seek solutions, possibilities and potential, even when you think you’ve hit the “wall.”


Expand your community, support your network and challenge your world view.

 Inspirational Stories

The book features stories from women who have overcome their fear


Lilliam Melgar

Do you believe YOU can be the best?


Katie Wilson

Are you willing to go out on a limb?


Go Beyond The Book 


It’s one thing to read about something. It’s another thing to live it. That’s why I created the 8 Fearless Values Movement—to help you make Fearless Living part of your everyday life.

As part of the Movement you’ll get:

  • Monthly newsletter featuring a message from Connie

  • Tips about how to live fearlessly

  • A way to connect and share with other members

  • Your FREE Fearless bracelet 

When we work together to face our fears, there is no limit to what we can achieve.


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I live everyday on a journey of learning and empowerment. Join the 8 Fearless Values Movement and start on your personal journey to the life you choose. As a part of the 8 Fearless Values Movement, you receive a monthly newsletter featuring a message from Connie and tips about how to live fearlessly and stay inspired. You’ll also be able to connect and share with other members.


When you join, you’ll receive a FREE Fearless bracelet, a symbol that you can wear and that will remind you of your fearless power.


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