Stay Agile as a Lifelong Learner


When we talk about agility, we tend to think about gymnasts and athletes whose physical flexibility is key to success.  However, there’s a mental side to agility as well.   Agility in business and personal relationships require a mindset focused on lifelong learning and skill building

Like our muscles, our minds flex and adapt to changing circumstances. Being mentally agile is about expanding your ability to apply new ideas and gain additional knowledge.  In my book Fearless Living: 8-Life Changing Values for Breakthrough Success, I discuss lifelong learning as a way to be agile – both in business and at home.

Lifelong learning isn’t necessarily about being in the classroom or buried in books. Learning agility is the willingness to take newly acquired information and learn it, apply it, and then practice it.



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There are simple ways to be a lifelong learner – here are my four tips:



1. See Change as Good

View new situations and challenges in a positive light and treat them as opportunities to gain new knowledge.

2. Learn to Earn

If you find yourself blocked, either in business or in managing a busy household, consider whether learning a new skill would help you move forward. For many, learning a new computer program can be helpful. Look to friends and family to teach you what you need to know, or even the local public library.

3. Be a Positive Problem Solver

Often, what we really need is an attitude adjustment.  Changing perspective to one of agility that seeks solutions, possibilities and potential will help you along the path of lifelong learning.

4. Exercise Your Brain

Are you a daily walker or go to the gym a few times a week? Expend some of the same effort you put towards physical wellness on brain agility by making reading a daily practice.  Be determined to interact with people who can help you learn all you can about what is going on in your life and your business.


Whether you’re a mother, a business owner or on a corporate team, agility is key for success.  Being a lifelong learner equips you with the flexibility to find and use knowledge to meet new challenges.


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