Inspiring Respect for One Another


It’s been a groundbreaking month for women and as we move beyond the shattering stories of #MeToo, we must recognize this moment as a rallying cry to march forward and fearlessly continue the fight for real equality for women.  We are at a pivotal point when women are being heard and we need to continue to speak up, support one another and inspire those around us to keep moving the conversation forward.

Oprah Winfrey, who I quote in my book “Fearless Living: 8 Life-Changing Values for Breakthrough Success,” is just one famous example of a woman who is leading without fear to make the world a better place for women.  In the chapter on Passion, I chose to feature her statement: “Forget about the fast lane if you really want to fly.  Just harness your power to passion.”

Having the passion – as she does – to change society is something every woman can also embody in her in everyday life.  Directing this passion to respecting differences between us is what will transform the #MeToo conversation into one about #AllofUs.  Diversity is key because good men and women with different backgrounds and unique experiences all contribute to this important conversation.  When people from all walks of life bring passion to the table, they achieve the best results.




Here are four ways to be fearless in our drive to embrace diversity with a passion to make lasting positive contributions to our communities:


Give respect to get respect

Understand that what makes each person unique is what makes their contributions so valuable. Giving respect does not meaning giving up on your beliefs or conformity.


Appreciate your own differences  

When you focus on what makes you unique, you’ll be inclined to accept diversity in others. Acceptance does not mean agreement – there may and should be different thinking and opinions.


Recognize the value of relationships

Respect each person for their current as well as their potential future contributions.


Celebrate and honor others

Always take the opportunity to compliment, thank and reward those who make an impact in your life and that of the community. Growth can come in the unlikely form of someone who challenged vs. complimented you to success.


In 2018, I challenge all of us to surround ourselves with and seek out people who are different from ourselves – to learn from one another, respect one another, support one another and succeed together. Speak up. Speak out. Listen in. Hear out.


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