A First Quarter Check-Up to Stay on Track in Driving for Results


As we “March” forward through a year of driving for results, the end of the first quarter is an excellent time to take stock of how you have succeeded in moving your business ahead so far this year.  It’s also a moment to consider making changes that will lead to fulfilling all your goals in the months to come.


In my book, Fearless Living: 8 Life-Changing Values for Breakthrough Success, I discuss tactics to help ensure success.  I focus on how to be personally accountable and stay disciplined to achieve business – and personal – objectives.



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One of the most helpful tools in driving for success is a mirror.  Taking a long look in the mirror and giving yourself honest answers to five simple questions is a great way to stay on track.  I have developed a worksheet that you can download and print here, or grab a pen and a piece of paper and use the following questions as a guide:



1. Do you have clarity?

Make sure you are 100% clear on what you’re aiming for. Perhaps it’s a dollar sales figure or achieving a healthier lifestyle. Whatever you’re pursuing, be very detailed in developing a written definition of what it is

2. What are your goals?

Be very specific about what your goals are and make an actual list. For example, if your goal is to “get fit,” identify fitness goals – perhaps a fitness benchmark like being able to walk two miles or amount of weight you intend to lose.  If your goal is to “grow sales” set a target figure, but make sure it’s realistic for the size of your business.

3. What are your desired results?

Create your own roadmap for the drive for results with a solid plan of action. Make your plan a “living document” that allows pivots and adjustments when you encounter bends in the road. Adapting the plan to changing circumstances doesn’t signal failure – think of it as a fork in the road that allows new learning to keep you moving ahead on the road to success.

4. How do you need to prepare to achieve your goals?

Think about what you need to do, internally and externally, to position yourself for success.  If you need to take a class to gain knowledge or new skills, sign up for it right now.  Perhaps you can benefit from collaborating with others – identify who they are and email or call them to set up a time to talk – and do it today.

5. What is your plan?

A plan is more than just a to-do list. Write a detailed plan of action to reach your goals that includes what you want to achieve, a timeline for achieving it and benchmarks for success at every step of the way. A plan shouldn’t be set in stone, but should be a living document that can be adapted to changing circumstances.

Now, step away from the mirror and put away your pen.  You’re ready to get back to work and keep driving ahead to achieve results.


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