8 Fearless Values

Connie Tang

President & CEO,

Princess House


Connie Tang lives and leads by the eight values highlighted in her book.


Born in Hong Kong and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Connie is committed to changing lives for the better. As the first woman president and CEO of Princess House, a premier direct selling company, Connie helps the company’s independent business owners and employees grow personally, enhance their families, and live fearlessly.

Before Princess House, Connie held international executive positions at several other successful direct selling companies. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Cantonese, she was named one of the Top 50 Asian Americans in Business by the Asian American Business Development Center, Inc. and as one of The Most Influential Women in Direct Sales in 2012 and 2014 by Direct Selling News.



Connie wrote Fearless Living with one goal in mind: to “pay it forward” by giving women and men the tools and inspiration to harness fear and live the life they deserve. It’s a personal story, of a woman, a mom, a wife, a daughter, an immigrant, a minority, and a CEO, who has stepped into the unknown and faced fear head on.

It’s also the story of countless women she has worked with all over the world—a timeless story about overcoming fear of the unknown and making an impact. (And it can be your story, too!)

Personal growth comes from arming yourself with knowledge, the inspiration, the role models, and the tools to help you overcome challenges and fears and get past them. This book can show you the way to take those steps yourself.



Life Changing Values for
Breakthrough Success


Push past the fear that makes you settle for “just enough.”


Overcome your fear by taking ownership of your responsibilities.


Keep your passion alive to keep from getting discouraged.


Understanding more will help you overcome your fear.

Drive for Results

Rechannel the fear of failure to fuel your passion and determination to reach results.


Don’t let fear make you miss out on generating a level of unity, strength and creativity.


Seek solutions, possibilities and potential, even when you think you’ve hit the “wall.”


Expand your community, support your network and challenge your world view.




Deepak Chopra, M.D., FACP, Founder of the Chopra Foundation


Co-author of Home: Where Everyone Is Welcome

Rave Reviews



“Fearless Living is a powerful roadmap for every woman looking to harness her own unique potential. Connie Tang pours her wealth of experience and gifted insights onto every page, allowing us to join her on life's courageous journey.”

—Andrea June, President and CEO, Grameen America and former CEO, Avon Products


“Fearless Living is the women's guide to success. Filled with stories of struggle, triumph, and tenacity!”

Dr. Traci Lynn I CEO & Founder TraciLynnJewelry.com

“A great read for anyone who aspires to be better in all aspects of their lives.”

—Kelly Durnin, Owner, Brand Strong Creative


“Fearless Living is a small and mighty (just like Connie!) book with powerful stories that demonstrate how mastering 8 key values can help you live fearlessly.”

—Dave Wentz, Chariman, DSEF Board of Directors, Former CEO, USANA


In the 54 years since its founding, Princess House has always remained true to its purpose: To provide life-enhancing opportunities to anyone willing to work hard and pursue their dreams of entrepreneurial success. First founded as a crystal company by direct selling industry pioneer Charles Collis, today Princess House is a leading provider of unique and exclusive cookware, food storage, home and entertaining products that span five categories.

Through fostering relationships and sharing the Princess House opportunity with others, our independent business owners continue to achieve inspiring levels of personal and professional success.